Business Owners’ Idea Cafe

We are very excited to share that our candid profile will be featured on Business Owners’ Idea Cafe.

Our profile is only going to up “featured” for 90-Days but we are super-duper excited anyways.

IdeaCafeSee Simplified VA on has been online since 1995 and is known for its popular CyberSchmooze forums, where small business owners, startup entrepreneurs and experts share questions, information and provide objective feedback.

We stumbled upon IdeaCafe a few months after starting Simplified VA. We have come to find it as a great resource and frequently share their social media postings & major events. Currently their are accepting applications for their $1,000 Small Business Grant. BOIC is chocked full of information for budding entrepreneurs and receive the Simplified VA approval. Link up with them on Facebook & Twitter and stop past our profile.Simplified VA featured on BOIC

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