January’s Quick Tip

January 2015

Branding Tips

Branding Cycle


Branding is never-ending & consistently evolving. In our quick tip here, we’d like to share are the 6 keys to the process of branding.


  • Promise – Your reputation is built on the backbone of your brand. Stick to it.
  • Presentation – To build you credibility & increase your consumer interest you need to maintain your presence when branding
  • Persistence – Do not get bored with you brand to soon. Keep a level of consistency with your brand to be able to be persistent in your businesses endeavors
  • Perception – Analyze that your brand is congruent between two things, your company’s goals & your consumer’s needs.
  • Product – Define what it is you are branding (which can be anything) & stick to that definition. Every you do in your business will be built out of your definition
  • Positioning – Make sure what you are branding has a need. If there is no significant need for what the brand you are trying to build you are not going to succeed