Recently I was introduced to a bodacious woman by the name of Lisa Stearns the founder of Finding Your Voice. Her message spoke to me at a presentation that she was giving to the Successful Women in Business group hosted by the Greater Severna Park & Arnold Chamber of Commerce. Therefore I decided to interview her to clarify how Finding Your Voice helps female small business owners, seeing as she too is a small business owner.
Lisa Stearns of Finding Your Voice
About three years ago Lisa was asked by some fellow women to organize a ‘leadership in speaking’ group. Time passes and there was a decline in attendance which happens in many groups. Upon getting the groups attendance back up, Lisa acknowledged that she was not able to adhere to the guidelines of the ‘leadership in speaking’ therefore she needed to find a way for them to meet with out her or disband the group altogether. 
“I had a purpose without a group or a group without a purpose. The women of the group were not on that level of speaking. As a matter of fact the women were terrified of the thought of public speaking. “
Lisa found that she had a gift in helping these women overcome their speaking fears by forming the Finding Your Voice Circle. Through her gift, Lisa built a program that would “instill feelings of safety and security, allowing her clients to finally be heard, whether on stage, in the office or at home.”
I asked Lisa, “How can Small Business Owners benefit from her business?” Here is her reply,
“As a Small Business Owner you should be able to verbally communicate to your client, be able to capture attention by placing your key information up front with in 30 seconds, and have the ability to do a presentation.”
Lisa’s Top Tips she would like to give to you, the Small Business Owner is
  1. Focus on your topic
  2. Practice your 30 second introduction
  3. Express with passion
You can contact Lisa at